My NFT artwork Volcano – impressionable eruption of a volcano. I love colors and I love nature. This was my inspiration for this kind of artwork. The artwork is generated with artificial intelligence, so with the help of my thoughts. Artificial intellegence in art is relatively new and so the software needs to learn more.

This AI artwork is interesting because of its color intensity and the shape of the volcano. You can see many red, yellow and gray tones in the artwork. Between this colors are medium blue areas. The process of generating such an image is, that you think about what you want to create and you need to put the right words into the text area of the AI software. With the help of these words, the AI generates an image. You can write in colors, sizes, motivs and all you think, what is necessary for your AI artwork. The further possibility is a special look for the AI artwork like for e. g. phantasy look, Dali look, steampunk look and much more.

This artwork is in auction on OpenSea for a minimum bid of ETH 0.025. I think, it is a fair minimum bid. The auctions ends on May 11, 2022. If you win the auction you can download a high resolution file of this artwork (3000 x 4812 px). Please click on the image for OpenSea.

Happy bidding!